One Year Later…

One Year Later…

Almost one year to the day since we closed on the inn and we are ready for a soft opening. Not to say that we are completely done because there is always stuff to do. We are painting the last room, and I use the term ‘we’ loosely. There has been a crew of plasterers, painters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, floor refinishers, glaziers, HVAC, gas and insulation professionals, family and friends that have made this happen. On most days there might have been 8 workers on site.

Our crew has

  • painted 10 fireplace mantels (still one to go)
  • plastered 9 rooms
  • drywalled 5 new bathrooms and 2 closets
  • painted 11 rooms and 5 baths and 2 closets
  • installed 5 new bathrooms
  • installed 5 gas logs
  • insulated a 2500 sq foot attic
  • refinished 4500 sq feet of random width pine floors and 2 staircases and 2 landings
  • glazed and painted inside and out about half of the 49 windows here

Wow. And we lived here through it all. Double Wow.
This is the last room to paint and we are finished with the major movements inside. I hope …

We call this room the Americana Room. It is off of the center hall downstairs and the tavern room. We plan on using it as the social room for the evening check ins. Note the Federal style fireplace. We are lucky that all the original fireplaces are intact. All have a variation of the built out woodwork. Below is the room in progress. Farther below is the before picture.


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